June 21, 2024

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About Us


Niksoo Wave Processing Technology Engineering corporation operates in the field of designing, manufacturing and producing of processing platforms and analog modules, implementation of signal processing algorithm and producing required software in the area of electronics and telecommunication.

Aerospace, telecommunication, biomedical and military projects requirements in research centers and universities caused Niksoo corporation, with an efficient team, operates in the field of hardware and software designing, signal processing and producing different interfaces-based analog and digital processing cards.

Most of studies in Niksoo company have been in line with innovative and up to date designs which, in most cases, no foreign samples exist for them. Moreover, Niksoo always tried to have a serious competition with foreign companies that such competition leads the required industry and technical knowledge to be native. In this regard, extensive researches have been done on different international standards of designing and manufacturing processing platforms and analog modules to make able the company to export its productions. One of implemented standards on new products of the company is VITA.57.1 which developed and presented by a consortium of foreign producer companies of processing boards and components. These products have been designed and manufactured for the first time in Iran which this has caused the company to play a significant role in the national industry.

NIKSOO Wave Processing Technology Engineering Corporation operates in the field of Biomedical, electronics and telecommunication, base-band and signal processing, installation and lunching, consulting and software production.

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